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Since 1993

SEMANTIC TS is specialized in acoustic seabed reconnaissance, measurements, dedicated software development, geographic information systems, signal processing and data science. It offers strong potential for innovation in the definition and implementation of acoustic recognition methods and multi-sensor fusion. SEMANTIC TS is staffed by professional engineers, divers and pilots, and its vessels are surveying every day to map the shallow waters seabed.

Environnemental studies, Bathymetry


Survey, bathymetry, photogrammetry, accurate geo-referenced mapping and modeling. Metrology, structure monitoring, marine environmental monitoring (sounder and sensors on ships, USV, ROV,…) & land (aerial drones). Monitoring of sensitive habitats and species. Diving, monitoring, acoustics, ROV. Specific and upstream studies



Nous sommes spécialistes traitement de données géo-référencées, nuages de points, créateurs de solutions pour vos données, développeurs en IA et logiciels spécifiques. Développement de logiciel sur mesure & de plugins.
Acoustique sous-marine, traitement de données, frontend, backend, plate-forme SaaS / logiciel on-premise / logiciel embarqué

Specific instrumentation


Integration of specific environmental instrumentation. Positioning, sensors, signals, tide gauges

Sectors & Customers


Since our creation, we have carried out upstream studies and innovated in the field of defence: underwater warfare, mine detection, acoustics, operational oceanography, specific software and Artificial Intelligence

Civil and environnement

You are a local authority, a town hall, a concession manager, a design office or a major corporation? Would you like to obtain environmental data for a follow-up, a baseline survey, a study or a project?

We can carry out studies, bathymetry, mapping and environmental monitoring in coastal or inland waters: sea, lake, river, lagoon, natural marine reserve, etc.


Private infrastructures

Do you need precise data for a project or monitoring? Do you manage a port? Are you involved in maritime works or dredging ? Port, canal, offshore platform, construction and infrastructure monitoring, 3D measurements and mapping, ship tracking, position control, construction site monitoring, dikes and marine structures, dredging monitoring

Certifications, approvals and labels

Jean-Marc TEMMOS


Claire NOEL

CSO and founder


executive assistant

Eric Bauer

Operations manager

Simon Marchetti

Software and instrumentation manager