Managing team

Ready to bring you the best solution

Claire NOEL

Chief Scientist Officer

Claire is the founder of Semantic. Passionate by R&D. Phd in underwater acoustics, she also have a Mariner master, diving teaching certificate, and is fully dedicated to sea.

Jean-Marc TEMMOS

Chief Executing Officer

Specialized in applied mathematics, modelling and embedded software, Jean-Marc is passionate about science and new technologies.


Executive Assistant

Handling everyday administrative tasks, proactive and dynamic, Sandra will be happy to help you.


Responsable Acquisition et Logiciel

Simon can perform various tasks at sea and in front of his computer. Specialized in Software and acquisition systems, Engineer from Seatech and IntechMer, he is also Pilot and pro diver.


Responsable Mission et Matériel

Eric is an engineer from Seatech and IntechMer, a Pilot and a pro diver. He can cope with various missions. Eric is also a very good underwater photographer.


Ingénieur Intégration

Engineer from Arts et Métiers, Michel is a highly skilled sailor, seaman and surveyor. He can find a solution in almost every situation. He is also a captain 200, pro diver and plane pilot.

SEMANTIC TS can provide you with senior specialists of :

Technics, R&D and software development …

  • Phd/Engineers in underwater acoustics. DEA Acousto Opto Electronique et Vibrations
  • Engineers Marine & Intechmer & Marine Biologie
  • Single and Multi beam surveyors
  • Pro Pilot (STCW Capitaine 200)
  • Pro divers (Class II B INPP)
  • BEES1 - MF2 instructors