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SEMANTIC TS deploys a mini oceanographic ship, a real floating laboratory, to acquire highly precise environnmental cartographic data to monitor aquatic environments, mainly with bathymetry or ground classification.

SEMANTIC TS performs since 2004 researches in acoustic cartography of underwater grounds, for which an acoustic vertical detection method has been developed. This method, called DIVA (Vertical Acoustic Detection and Inspection), is dedicated to underwater vegetation : posidonia or cymodocées in Mediteranean Sea, eelgrass at Arcachon and laminar fields in Brittany. From 2008 to 2010, this method has been extended to the classification of superficials marine sediments (CLASS method : CLAssification of Superficial Sediments) from information about roughness and hardness.

Alongside the classification methods, SEMANTIC TS has been developing since 2007 methods for the fusion of information from acoustic data provided by different sensors, in collaboration with the D4S/MRIS of the DGA , the GESMA, the SHOM, the SEVA :

  • 3D bathymetry providing underwater topography
  • Bathymetric micro-rugosity providing informations on vegetation
  • Sidescan sonar imagery, grey level indicating bottom reflectivity and consequently its vegetal (or not) nature
  • Acoustics bottom and surficial sediments classification

The concept of multi sensor data fusion is innovative and very powerful. It provides extremely precise cartographies of biocenosis located on the marine floor, thus reducing significantly needs for ground truth (diver, camera).

Our team, composed of professional sailors and pilots, professional divers and sonar operators, declines its knowledge in :

  • Marine environment cartography and monitoring : bathymetry, marine floor classification, biocenosis in lagoons, sea, lakes, rivers

  • Cartography of halieutic ressources halieutic observtions even in turbid places.

  • Natura 2000 cartographies

  • Observations, sediment sampling et underwater geo referenced inspections

  • Underwater classification Software (AGDS)

  • GIS Sotware

  • Environment 3D modeling

  • 3D diving topo guides

  • Coralligene cartography, halieutic ressources cartography

Our references :


  • Agence de l’Eau RMC – DREAL – DIREN

  • Agence des Aires Marines Protégées

  • Marine Parks – IOPR – GIPREB – Marine Reserves


  • Metropolitan France (Atlantic Ocean, Mediteranean Sea, lakes and rivers, ponds), Corsica, French Guyana, Antilles)